Being Needed

My big kid is 11. Admittedly, he could be considered a momma’s boy. I’m ok with that. The oldest is the guinea pig, and they teach us the most about parenting…usually the parts you don’t like very much. The oldest has the biggest expectations in front of them, and also the most frustration and somehow […]

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Recently i have figured out I have a terrible condition. It is not contagious, but it is isolating. It’s hard to contain and even harder – it seems – to manage. There is a cure, but it takes time and luck. I have discovered since the recent move that i have diarrhea of the mouth. […]

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Mommy Roofie

So i’m minding my own business at the grocery store when it happens. All by myself, i feel the need to go down the baby aisle in case there’s something i might need. My kid is 2. There’s nothing in a baby aisle i need from the grocery store… except maybe an overpriced sippy cup […]

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