Sliding Doors

There are few times in your life you catch a glimpse of an honest “could have been me” moment. I had one this morning. My husband had a flight to catch this morning. Business trip. Something he does very often. So often, in fact, that he has a routine down based on the departure time […]

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An Award?!

Apparently I can even screw up the easy stuff. It seems these were given in tandem 🙂  So now I can say, “How do you like my pair?” *wink wink* has become my fairy Blogmother. ( ) Thank you for answering all the stupid inane questions only asked by […]

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The Quiet

Being a mother has really brought to light all the meanings and feelings associated with this word. It is blissful at the end of a hard day of homework, lunches, friend drama, missed assignments. It is equally blissful in the early morning, I’m told, before creatures are stirring. I, however, cannot function pre-dawn so I […]

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My Little Corner

Things I am thankful for right now: 1. My jacuzzi -with or without my husband beside me in it 1-a. My ability to block out all werewolf/vampire/grizzly bear/serial killer neighbors/angry insomniac toddler scenarios that my husband puts out there as we sit in a dark and peaceful back yard in said bubbly tub 2. DVR. […]

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