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Being Needed

Published December 22, 2017 by sarcasmica

My big kid is 11. Admittedly, he could be considered a momma’s boy. I’m ok with that. The oldest is the guinea pig, and they teach us the most about parenting…usually the parts you don’t like very much. The oldest has the biggest expectations in front of them, and also the most frustration and somehow at the same time satisfaction. Hey, i’ve managed to keep this kid on the planet thus far -and God willing for at least 98 more years, give or take.

My oldest child is my biggest teacher. Just when I think my head will explode from one more Minecraft story, lo and behold, it still sits atop my head. Just when I think I have no idea what the hell I am doing as a parent, I hear my son encourage his little sister do something only he could convince her she could do.

He’s growing up quickly, just like the brochure promises, and I find he needs me less and less. These are good milestones for sure, and I find relief in knowing he is independent.

Today, however, he needed some TLC and it was nice to comfort him.

The day started off nice enough. We all went to see the new Jumanji movie. It was pretty funny and everyone laughed throughout the film. Once we got back home, my son asked me to look at his foot. He had been complaining off and on the last week about his feet being cold and sometimes tingly.

I look today and he has one dark swollen toe, one toe turning blue, and blotches of red on other spots, but just one foot.

My husband has his podiatrist on speed dial since his own surgery last year, so we called and they were able to see him.

Turns out my kid has something called Raynaud’s Syndrome. The circulation in his feet is being restricted by his own body. His arteries and capillaries restrict the flow to the extremities- in his case, the toes, and it can become very serious.

Holy shit! What?

Turns out, according to two reliable medical websites, this can sometimes be a side effect of some adhd medications.


So we’ve spent the better part of the afternoon and evening warming feet by way of warm bath, fireplace roasting, heating pad toasting, and wool sock doubling up. When it came time for bed he complained of intense itching and couldn’t settle down to get to sleep. This is an already sensory heightened kid, and apparently the symptoms of Raynaud’s are exacerbated by stress.

So around and around we go

I rubbed his back for a bit to help distract from his mutinied feet. After the final goodnight he said,


“Yea buddy?”

“I’m glad you’re my mom.”

Ugh. Straight through the heart.

“I’m glad I get to be your mom, honey.”

And there it is. The rare golden Mom moment. I may have nearly caused my son to lose a toe by dragging him all over town in 37 degree weather over the span of two days. I may not have given much thought to a week’s worth of complaining about tingly feet and frozen toes, but here we are. He is still happy to be my kid, and I am more than happy to oblige.


Stunned (Re: Bird Letter)

Published September 14, 2015 by sarcasmica

My post Bird Letter has received nearly a thousand views in 2 days.


(Update: 2500 in 3 days ?!?! Wow!!)

Holy crap! What this number actually means in completed views, purposeful clicking, actual interest, thoughtful consideration, I have no clue. I just know it’s actually been shared and passed around a bit and i’m so stunned and thankful for that.

My hope is that it simply starts a conversation. Begins some serious contemplation. I am not one to tell someone what to do or what not to do, but at least if I have put this out there, the person who has read it and still goes through with a transaction through a breeder has no reason not to be surprised or claim ignorance for some of the reality of bird ownership.

I would like to think I keyed a thoughtful non-judgmental post about the possibility of considering where something has originated and if a home is a good fit for these animals. I did not include clips of screaming macaws and amazons. Let me tell you, the decibel they can reach is literally deafening. At the risk of an overused word lately, the “literal” is literal.

I have been in a room where a truck drives by, a person walks past, or rain starts and the screaming squawking flapping chaos that ensues is stunning. There are a number of volunteers that have to wear ear plugs. And not because they aren’t used to birds.

I have worked down the hall from a pair of amazons that begin before the food bowls are swapped out, and don’t end until all the containers are closed up and the doors are shut. A non-stop scream that is reciprocated and answered between the two of them for sometimes over an hour. This does a number on one’s nerves, and i’m only there for a couple of hours a couple of times a week. I could not imagine waking up to that noise!

I did not include pictures of bites from all the varying beaks owned by these parrots. I have heard enough stories from the incredible volunteers I work with who have had to go back and face down the very beaks that ripped open their hands/wrists/arms requiring stitches.

It makes me want to shut my mouth when a Grey bites a bruised bump into my hand … which happened last week. I’m working through my anxiety in working with the ones you cannot ‘read’, which is 98% of them since i’m still fairly new to the sanctuary.

Those beaks can do serious damage. A Google search will prove that in .3 seconds. The bites are from pets. Trusted birds, in a lot of cases. Now imagine your toddler playing with the family bird, and the possibility of this happening. They do not have a way of telling you something is ‘off’, they only have their instinctual behavior.

Thank you to anyone who appreciated my point of view, and I hope it made a difference.


Published March 28, 2014 by sarcasmica

Each place we have moved has meant a new start finding friends. This is a difficult task as a grown up, and has been written about many times over. This last move had me out searching again for like-minded, like-parenting, normal, sane(ish), funny women I can both relate to and hopefully be relatable to.

The SAHM has many challenges, one of the most important being finding a support system. If you dont agree, lock yourself in your home with one rabid, three-legged hyena and try training it to jump through a hoop and poop on the toilet. Now add another. Now take away half of your pantry and 75% of the contents of your fridge.

And maintain this for one week without help.

I feel like playdates and especially MNO (moms night out) are our lifeline to adulthood, normalcy, evolved conversation that includes potty talk and real honest to goodness swear words. ..and somehow talk of pee and poo, but in a totally grown up and scientific way.

I couldnt be the quasi-well-adjusted and sane(ish) person I am if it hadnt been for all the amazing ladies I have spent countless lunches, park dates, and coffee dates and happy hours and even the occassional breakfast with all over the Western/Southwest/Northwest states of this country.

I miss the ones i’ve had to move away from. I cherish the new ones moreso because I know their value. I think of all the women who have shaped the type of mother I try to be and I wish there was a way to show my appreciation to each individual Super Woman. Instead, i’ll have to settle for grouping everyone together in a meager and unknown blog post.

I miss so many of you and hope you think of me from time to time.

Well enough sentimentality, who brought the vodka?

An Actual Award!?!

Published March 15, 2014 by sarcasmica

I have squeezed one thigh into a beautiful gown to accept this award – my first – and give my speech. I am not guaranteed one ever again, so i’m going to make the most of it.

Thank you so much naptime thoughts for my first bonafide award! I’ve only been blogging for 213 posts, so hopefully I go about this the right way. I have had one form or another of written down thoughts/rants/bitching/complaints/blessings/observations for as long as I could remember. This particular piece of the web has been a delight for me, and such a fantastic outlet for all of my mediocre frustrations and hopes and irritations. I’m humbled I have as many followers as I do (i think i’m up to 2 now!)

The rules for acceptance of this award are as follows:

1. Thank the person who nominated you for your new fancy schmancy award, and be sure to include a link back to their site in your acceptance speech.
2. Share 7 random facts about yourself
3. Pass on the award to 13 other versatile bloggers.

I’m a rule follower, (snort) so here are 7 random facts about myself:

1. Most people don’t realize i’m 5’11 (probably because i’m nearly just as wide)

2. My first underoos were Wonder Woman

3. I have 2 tattoos and looking for one more

4. I can identify very many breeds of dogs thanks to a childhood spent at dog shows and dog races

5. I had a life before my kids and sometimes I fantasize about it… but i’m usually interrupted by a foot-stomping demand or request to undo a lego

6. My hair has been every natural color since 6th grade, and now karma is laughing her ass off because it’s all turning grey

7. Sometimes I use my fingers when helping my son with his second grade math homework.

The rules state that I have to nominate 13 other bloggers for this award, but the sad fact is that I only follow three or four people. I’m a loyal minimalist when it comes to blogs, i guess. I could nominate the hell out of some pinteresters, though!

Here are my few and fabulous nominations:

The Nicki Daniels Interview – she’s already got a small army of followers, but she deserves it – especially the bearded ones!

Fanny P – she reinforces all your skiing fears, but can be honest and open about real life as a mom

Den State – hilarious observations about all things SAHM

Rambling Rowes – I think she’s just getting started, but I love a woman who isn’t afraid to state her POV

Play Dates on Fridays – new to this one, but so far so good!

And that is all i’ve got! I suppose I can always back-nominate as I pick up new authors along the way. .?

And now I will bask in the glow of my first blogging award. I might even print it and display it in front of the fridge art!


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