Flip Flops

If there’s one guarantee of parenthood, it’s that things will change. Normally, when you’ve gotten a manageable hold on one of their phases, that’s when their little brains seemingly say, “oh yea?? You think you know what you’re doing? How ’bout …… NOW?!” And just like that, you find your normally difficult argumentative independent seven […]

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She’s 3

It’s official. My darling sweet fun and obedient daughter is now a 3 year old *horror music* This is an ode to my daughter. I have to write it all down  before the 3 year old sucks the ‘early years’ out of my brain! She was such a perfect baby, minus the thrush experience we […]

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House Pain

House Hunting: It’s not at all what Pinterest and ‘House Hunters’ sets it up to be. It’s frigging exhausting! do we/dont we what do we absolutely need? we do NOT need THAT, but we need that the backyard is where? the view is of what?! we need/we want it costs HOW MUCH?! and the big […]

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Promised Land

I’d had this conversation repeatedly with fellow mothers along the road of parenthood. “What is the best age?” It’s usually asked by someone with deep dark caverns under their eyes, zero make-up, stained slept-in clothes, and a pacifier or bottle nipple hanging out the side of their mouth. I’ve been there. I remember it well. […]

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