Working On It

So foggy today. We have a sleep number bed, but damned if I can find the magic number that will eliminate my husband’s snoring. He’s getting over a cold, so I can’t completely blame him … .but that doesn’t stop me this morning. I tripped on the bags under my eyes on the way to […]

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Dyslexic Weight Watcher

Ok. I haven’t been keeping up with the weight loss stuff like I should. I HAVE been going to meetings, however. I feel like i’m crashing a course I continuously forget my homework for. I have been going to meetings because that seems to be the only consistent commitment I can make. I haven’t been […]

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Yesterday I was primed and hopeful to weigh in at Weight Watchers. I had the most active week to date. I had been tracking like a mo-fo. (daily for three weeks in a row!) I was RED-AY. I step on the miniature livestock scale and boom. I get the whispered, crinkle-nosed “You’re up a little […]

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Bouncin’ Bertha

I had a great weigh in this week. I am down 3.4 pounds! Two weeks ago I weighed in and had gained, again, for the third time in a row. The leader asked, “What are you going to do differently this week?” as a rule, tracking is the first thing everyone talks about. Naturally, I […]

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The Old Watcher of the Weight

Yup, that’s me. I’ve been going to meetings since last October. Four months. Know what i’ve managed to lose? ten pounds. That’s it. Actually, i’ve lost nearly 15, but i’ve been slowly adding pounds for the last three weeks. I’ve been limping into my meetings knowing full well that I haven’t tracked, monitored, activitied, or […]

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Skittles and Kleenex

Today’s meeting went something like this: Leader to our morning group of about 35 people: “So what prevented you from reaching your goals this week?” Me: “Skittles.” chuckles Leader: “So you had a goal to make it through the Superbowl …” Me:  tearing up … trying not to let it out of my eyeballs … […]

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Dear Stomach

Dear Stomach, I’m so sorry I subjected you to McDonald’s tonight. I completely understand that I overstepped the boundaries. I cannot lessen my resistance over the last few months to the poisonous “meat” and supposed “potatoes” fried in yesteryear’s oil just to then turn around and pour that “food” down my gullet and expect you […]

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Week 4 Weigh In

This week was an unprecedented number for me. -4.9lbs in one week! My body cheated a little. I vaguely remember when I first did Weight Watchers, the week of my periods were always a bigger loss than others. Also, the week after I was always in danger of gaining, or at the very least not […]

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Wed Weigh In

I managed a 1.6 lb loss this week. Yay! Unbelievably I was slightly disappointed at first. I lost 2.6 last week and hoped to lose at least 2lbs. However, I did go out 3 times this last week, one time was a Mexican restaurant. Considering all of that, and Halloween, I think I did great […]

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Week One Success!

I did it! I managed to lose 2.6lbs 😄 I’m going to forego all the rationalization about being the first week and water retention, blah blah blah and just totally own it. I lost it. Not my husband or my kid or my mom. Me. And I’m gonna do it again! What worked this week: […]

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