Grown Up.

I officially have an office now. A home office. I guess I’m a grown up now…? Really this is just going to become a sanctuary. A mommy den. A gal pit. A chick escape. A wife oasis. I’m gonna name it “Kid Toys Prohibited”. This means it will be filled with my own! I imagine […]

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Updates and Stuff

I haven’t written about my son specifically for a while. A couple years ago I had begun writing about the experience of medication and ADHD. My son has other things overlapping his ADHD so our family decided we would try medication. Let me just put out a disclaimer for the trolls out there: Every kid […]

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There is no sanity here, it was all an elaborate ruse. Having kids back to school is glorious, yes. Absolutely! I love it! My brain is a marshmallow, though. I wish I could say sponge, but no. It’s taking on so much water and information and emails and fliers and sign up sheets and receipts […]

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Goodbye Summer, Hello Sanity

Another summer has come to an end. Can I get a Hallelu-yer? It was touch and go a few times. I wasn’t convinced we’d make it to completion, but here we are. The night before school! And no one was put up for adoption- myself included. I have never smiled so big setting my alarm […]

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Low Power Mode

August Mom here, I’m on low power mode. It’s August 19th and there are 17 days left until school. I’m conserving energy to operate my patience and sanity. Systems that have shut down: chef maid chauffeur manager financial advisor referee dog groomer sexy girlfriend laundress Summer is winning. Because i’m in low battery mode, i’m […]

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Nicey Nice

Do you ever meet people and think, “Dang, why can’t I be more like that?”? For me it usually happens when I meet warm, caring, nice people. Not just a nice person, but one of those people that lights up a room with their smile when they see you and usually follows it up with […]

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August Mom In Full Swing

It is August, y’all. The origin of the very term: August Mom. I’m getting by. I’m getting through. “But are you ENJOYING your children???? You will MISS this time very soon, you know. I wish I could have this time back with MY children.” Oh yea? Then take mine. Go ahead, I dare you. Four […]

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