Dropping my 8th grader off at the buttcrack of dawn this morning: “Mom, I want to tell you about my dream last night…” It was about a school shooting. The shooter even followed him home. He then asked me if it was possible that he saw the future. This was absolutely not the conversation I […]

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First Week

I am in the middle of the morning on the last day of the first full week of school. If you think i’m excited, you are greatly mistaken. I will be excited when I’m in my safe place after the bell rings today. I will be elated then. This week has had some ups and […]

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My husband and I had an interesting weekend. I had a few consecutive days off of work before the new school year starts and I’m stuck to a firm schedule. I sprung a last minute vacation idea on my husband and he was ecstatic! Kidding, he was not into it. We did a “staycation” in […]

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August Mom Here..

Ever feel like you are the dysfunctional family on the block? Luckily we live in a subdivision, so we get to see and hear all kinds of dysfunction to keep our perspective. Summer Facebook and Instagram feeds can be a happiness trap. It’s easy to see all the fun vacation pics, the smiling kids, the […]

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My daughter asks lots of questions about death and what’s real and what’s not.  She’s nearly 9 (wtf?!) and I’m not totally sure what her fascination is with death. I think it’s just a phase kids go through. She has seen pets die, she has heard stories of family that is no longer with us… […]

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Pets. It’s a moving, morphing, background, foreground situation. I was raised with all manor of pets between myself, my mom and my two brothers. We had it all at one point or another, and funny enough, I have no idea what really happened to most of them. We had mice, rats, snakes, lizards, a chicken, […]

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