End of the Year Mayhem

It’s always a hurricane of stress and anxiety at the end of the school year. So many big feelings, so many big emotions and so. many. activities. I took my therapist’s advice and instead of having all of the dates and commitments rolling around in my head with no tether to reality, I filled out […]

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Sinking Ship

This is your middle school spy reporting live from a harrowing location: Math Class. It isn’t going well, the natives are regressing before my eyes. In September they all resembled terrified hamsters ready to jump at the first sign of the lunch bell. Here we are in March and they resemble Ridlin-deprived first graders. The […]

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Last Lap

This parenting gig is a challenge. Anyone who says otherwise is sus. I had to take a minute/post to brag on my kid, my oldest. So many of my posts were about the challenges of parenting my son, and they all still stand. That is just our experience. His and mine. Our family’s. It isn’t […]

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Frustration Book

Over the weekend I did a FB post about a bill in South Carolina that is trying to get passed that would enact the death penalty in the event of an abortion. The last line of the post, I declared I am not proud to be a citizen of this country because in 2023, this […]

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Middle School Spy

Do you have a kid in middle school? Is their day a mystery to you? Are you tired of the “nothing.” answer when you ask them what they did at school? Never fear! Your friendly neighborhood middle-aged middle school spy is here to pull back the veil. The day starts with literal grunts and drooling […]

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Hormone mania

I am a rabid beast frothing at the mouth whenever I have a disruption of thought or a slight inconvenience. This. Is. 46 … and a half. I’m not so sure “mid life crisis” is what it should be called. Unless the crisis is the part where you are surrounded by humans you made with […]

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I am unable to write a lot lately. My life has become rather complicated and messy for such a public forum, so I’m unsure of what to do with this page. While I’m figuring it out, I just had to do something for all of the feelings that have come up over the suicide of […]

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Toe Jam

I really wish I was one of those moms who relished the care and keeping of her giant children. I sometimes wish I took enjoyment out of tending to and nursing them, but I just don’t. I find it incredibly taxing on my patience, I’m an anxious mess most of the time, and I always […]

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I am not a morning person. This year I have to not be a morning person for an extra hour, as I’ve crossed over from an elementary school setting to a middle school. Kids have to be up and functioning and ready to attend in a classroom by 7:30am. This means I have to be […]

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Trying to Fit

Aging is interesting. I realized a few months ago that I am currently the age my stepmom was when I thought she was old. Like grandma old. I can still picture her not-so-fashionable short gray curly hair cut. Her lack of fashion sense -likely because of fashion options in plus size clothes in the 90’s […]

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