After someone close to you has passed, it’s easy to fall into the mentality that everything is a sign. When my dad died, there was a beautiful hawk that circled over all of us at the grave side during the burial. We all took it as a sign from him. A sign that he was […]

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Every New Year we discuss it and think about it and ponder over it. Resolutions. Losing weight, quitting smoking, not sleeping with your ex, less fast food, cutting out the heroin and/or crack cocaine.  (for the Politicians reading this) I am determined this time to a-start early and b-follow through with my number one character […]

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It’s rare my husband and I get to use our imagination for a date. It’s usually dinner or dinner and a movie, or just a movie. I’m not complaining. Any reason to get out and remind ourselves that we actually chose each other on purpose and signed on the dotted line for more than citizenship […]

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The Perfect Age

“Age is just a number” It seems the older I get, the more important age becomes. Not just mine. My husband’s, my kids’,  my pets’. Mine is an ever-moving number that i have not yet settled on … i’m considering sticking with 35 from now on. It’s a good solid number. It’s a number that […]

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So we are in the midst of trying to buy a house right now. The whole process is overwhelming and terrifying for me. It’s a commitment. A monumental commitment to hand over a whole lot of money every month, just to then turn around and put the rest into the care of the same house. […]

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She’s 3

It’s official. My darling sweet fun and obedient daughter is now a 3 year old *horror music* This is an ode to my daughter. I have to write it all down  before the 3 year old sucks the ‘early years’ out of my brain! She was such a perfect baby, minus the thrush experience we […]

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Extra Hours

I’d like to give my ‘extra hour’ back today. I’d like even more to cash it in for a do-over or better yet, an hour of sleep. Not the ‘i’m going to go to sleep’ type of sleep, because that consists of 30 minutes of ipading and then fifteen minutes of checking off and making […]

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There are some life experiences you just cannot get enough information about. They cannot easily be explained. There are others that people just will not explain. I don’t know if it’s to keep a sense of self-importance about it, or if the mystery makes the experience that much more impressive. Take for instance childbirth. It’s […]

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