Big Dump

… trucks, that is! So it seems our town has a rather cool Big Truck Day every year. It’s a hit with all the kids, but the boys especially. The only hang up with this thing is that you have to register for it like it’s a class. A very expensive one day class. I […]

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Bonus Pack

I’m going to throw out a disclaimer that if you are family, you might not want to read this. There, my job is done. My husband had a vasectomy last December. The first three months were consumed by his healing. Yes, ladies. Apparently it’s really painful and traumatic to have a laser snip a microscopic […]

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Le’go my Lego!

Today I had an hour and a half ‘bonding time’ with my son. He’s 7. He loves the idea of Legos. He loves what the Lego store does with legos. He loves what Tt Games does with the Lego Video Game franchises. In reality, the legos don’t build themselves into monumentally impressive beings. I had […]

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Fools in Flight

So after our amazing adventure at Disneyland it was time to head home. I had to monitor my kid for breathing problems in case she needed to be whisked away to urgent care because at this point, her cough is still not gone. She seems to be doing fine, we get our shuttle and head […]

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Disney Adventure Part 2

We arrive at our hotel tired, sunburned, exhausted, and tired. It was roughly 6pm. We had to unpack and get the kids settled before walking somewhere for dinner. My mom had to return the rental car so I stayed behind with the kids. She came back a seething madwoman because the rental place had closed […]

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The Disney Adventure Part 1

Well helllooooo from recovery land! I’ve just survived a four night/five day Southern California getaway complete with 3 days at Disneyland/California Adventures with my mom, my 2 year old and my 7 year old. Holy shit. It all started one dark and stormy morning. Very very early. Actually, it began the day before. Friday afternoon, […]

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Ever have a moment where you know you’ve done something wrong as a parent? You know logically you did what you could, but somehow you still end up looking around going … “Really? This is how you interpreted what i just said?” Hypothetically one of these moments might be sitting in the bathroom. A trip […]

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Shitty Night

Literally. Two nights ago i decided not to take the dog into the bedroom with me. I’ve been having trouble sleeping and it seems he’s had no trouble. He’s been woofing and whining in his sleep and it doesn’t take much to wake me up. I actually had a pretty restful night’s sleep that night […]

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The Favorite

Of COURSE I don’t have a favorite child! Now that that’s out of the way, I must say … come on! Of course i do !! But it changes. It changes from who is spitting that day, who isn’t talking back. Who is responding to directions. Who is letting me pee in peace. Who is […]

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