House Pain

House Hunting: It’s not at all what Pinterest and ‘House Hunters’ sets it up to be. It’s frigging exhausting! do we/dont we what do we absolutely need? we do NOT need THAT, but we need that the backyard is where? the view is of what?! we need/we want it costs HOW MUCH?! and the big […]

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Time After Time

It’s only taken 7 years and three therapists for me to not loose my cool when my kid has a fit. I don’t take it personally. I take it personally afterwards feeling like somehow my parenting skills – or lack thereof – have inadvertently caused said fit. But he doesn’t have to see the afterwards […]

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Being a Grown Up

I’m so not prepared to be a grown up. My mom should get all her money back from the Catholic H.S. she put me in. Like, seriously. So my husband and I are beginning the terrifying adventure of buying a house. To make it even more fun, he’s out of the country while the search […]

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Weighty Weight

I walked this week. I’m trying to do it enough to make it a habit. I didn’t have active role models growing up, so now i need to be that for myself and my kids. One motivating factor to get out of the house this week was to get away from my kids! They were […]

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Holy shit. I’ve watched Glee from the beginning and was just as shocked as everyone else when Cory Monteith passed away. It was so tragic and sad. In the end, I didn’t lose sleep over it or anything, it was just a really sad unfortunate story. I was going to watch the tribute episode when […]

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Day Four

setting: My house a.k.a. The Jungle Day four of my new exercise and food choices and my body is rejecting it all. *pant pant* I’ve walked each day for the past four days for a moderate to ridiculously brief amount of time. My ass has been on the sofa when not running about the house […]

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Reality Check

I had the fat momma reality check today. In case you’ve never ever read my stories or have no idea who I am here’s a factoid tidbit for you. I’m big. Not like “oh, you put on some weight after the kids, it’s ok”, but like, “Damn! Did you play for the Raiders?!” Big. Being […]

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