Alien Evolution

Driving my son to fencing practice last night, he began talking about civilization. At first I thought it was just iPad withdrawal, but turns out he was going somewhere with it. I have to paraphrase here because honestly, I wasn’t actually listening in the beginning. I tuned in off and on and it went something […]

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Parrot Life

Birds were never in my plan. Animals, yes, birds specifically, notsomuch. My “life plan” (chuckle chuckle chuckle) was to flounder in community college for a little while before sticking with the sign language interpreter program. Once I mastered that, I would go to Moorpark College in Simi Valley, CA and work as an interpreter while […]

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My therapist was proud of me today and that feels good!  I am a firm believer in therapy. I feel like absolutely everyone can gain from a little guidance and cheerleading. People don’t often talk about it, but I don’t much care for what people think of me. Take me or leave me, I show […]

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Grown Ups Live Here

We are in the thick of home selling/purchasing. We have been slightly burned – more like singed – recently on a home and are very hesitant to assume all will be what it appears. I’d like to get emotionally attached to the house we just bought considering all the hooplah selling ours has created, but […]

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Hallelujah, we have sold. After random last minute showing after showing and a whole weekend of open houses, we have sold our house. We are feeling very thankful and blessed the process is in our favor at the moment. Next up, the reality of documents and inspections and packing and sifting and I’m certain I […]

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Done Deal

Ok, so we decided to sell our house. This has been an endeavor, to say the least. It’s been a massive process and we haven’t even sold yet! I’ve had many reactions thrown at me that I have to process in addition to the stress of just buying a home and selling ours. There are […]

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Decisions Decisions

Being a grown up is hard. Throwing kids into the mix is even harder.  You cant just make a decision, you have to beat every possible outcome into the ground. We have been looking at the possibility of moving. Currently we have a wonderful traditional house. There’s a massive blacktop driveway, there’s a huge grassy […]

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