For my birthday this year i’m taking my daughter on a trip to Disneyland! We did it once before and had a total blast, so I am lucky enough to get to do it again. This is also a “thank you for taking such good care of me after surgery” trip. My husband hasn’t said […]

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I don’t watch the news much. I feel like it has changed since 9/11 so much. Social media has really become a crutch for network television news outlets. My husband and I comment all the time that stories are often incomplete. The whole story is rarely given. I feel like they rely on the viewers […]

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Party Animals!

For my daughter’s 7th birthday party at home, we decided having wild animals in the house would be a great idea…. and also a petting zoo! (HA!) There’s a local company that brings animals to your house and hosts. ( Animals ) You can choose a theme of group of animals, or a la cart […]

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Raving Lunatic

You know how they say you shouldnt go to bed angry? They also say to sleep on it and not make a rash decision. It’ll all look better in the morning.  This does not apply to social media. I’m fuming right now, but mostly at the power I have given Facebook to infuriate me.  I’m […]

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The Night Before

1st Day of school! 1st Day of School!!! Y’all know i’m excited, right? Things around here have been quite busy and active the last few weeks. Between camping and back to school shopping, i’m just in survival mode. Today was supposed to be the epic last day of summer spectacular where we either lounge around […]

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