Spring Break Chron – ahh F–k it!

Back to school back to school back to school !!!!


Friday a friend came over to occupy for a playdate. My daughter was very excited and well worn out by nap time. BONUS!

Saturday my husband made good on his promise and we all went to the snow. The last big snow play of the season. We are still newbies when it comes to the weather out here, and my husband and i were skeptical during the drive. We saw no snow. Lots and lots of rain, but no white stuff.

And then, all of a sudden it was all around us! We heard our 2 year old start chirping from the back, “Snooooooow !!! Loook!!!”

We got to our exit and found the snow was actually scary deep to drive in. We had chains, but they were still new and in the package. If we could hold out, we’d get $98 if we could return them.

My husband will hold out with all he’s got if it means getting money back or getting a bargain.

Anyway, we only got stuck once and he pushed us out. We decided to park at a rest stop and just let the kids play.

Good call

My son was rolling around like a pig in sh*t. I was just hoping no curbs or fire hydrants were waiting to surprise him. Thankfully he managed to avoid any catastrophes.

It was great!

We got home and my husband and i both crashed!

The kids, on the other hand, notsomuch. I was amazed. Bedtime had zero complaints, though, and i’ll take that any day. No million time march up and down the hallway getting water and lights and pillows and boogers and snot.

So here we have made it to the end of Spring Break.


I’m sorry teachers, i hope you got your rest and drink on because you will have my bright and eager little monster back in your classroom tomorrow.

And you can be damned sure he will be dropped off precisely fifteen minutes early!

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