Birthday party this weekend for my big kid! Time to sell a kidney … who’s the lucky donor? I think it should be the husband. Afterall, I grew the kid in my uterus for 38 weeks, then dealt with nursing for 5 weeks. Sleepless nights. Blow out diapers. Teething, cranky, playground falls, xrays, helmets, physical therapy, orthodontists, dentists, parent teacher meetings, principal parent meetings, sensory assessments, OT therapy

And he’s only just turning 8.

How is he going to be 8 already?!

Back to my original point. I hereby nominate my husband to sell a kidney. If he complains about any urination drawbacks, i will simply point out i had two watermelons sitting on my bladder and ruining any urine retention for all time. Not to mention the catastrophic danger of sneezing coughing or laughing after coffee… or iced tea or soda… or water 

Along with the kidney sale, i have a few ideas for safe sex campaign for anyone under 25 years old.

You’re welcome.

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