Twilight Zone

It’s been a weird 24 hours here.

It all started last night when i had my therapist appointment. I’ve only met with this woman once, but i was really positive and felt great after that initial meeting. I thought at the time 6 pm was late for an appointment, but she said she’d just be sitting in traffic, so it was no big deal.


So i arrange for my kids to be watched until Gramma can get home. I put the leftovers in the oven with info for my mom.

I pull up to the building for the appt and the doors are locked. All the various businesses have put their trash in the hallway. I see people still inside the suites. I knock. nada.

Sighing, i go around the building to see if there’s a side entrance closer to my chick’s office. There is! I march up, pull




I knock loudly on the door.


I go back to the car – because it’s 42 degrees and raining – and search my wallet for the appointment card.

Yup, 6pm 12/11. I wasn’t crazy. I called the number, but it’s just a general voicemail box. I left an interesting message and never got a call.

SOOOOOO irritating!!!!

So i went to Panera to cool my temper and warm my butt with some soup.

What is usually a yummy soup was AWFUL. Dry stale break alongside it. The chocolate babka made up for it all, though. I picked up a couple things at the store and headed home.

When i open the door, i smell the chicken still roasting in the oven…. the kids are in the bathtub… hmmmmm so i ask my mom, “Did you guys not eat the chicken?”

she’s confused. she figured i fed the kids already. she’s cracking up at all the missed info.

I had to ask, “Have you been drinking?!”

she replied in the negative, but i still have my doubts.

“Did you not smell the chicken… or the oven?”


This explains why the kids were overly excited when she presented them with ice cream drumsticks when she got home. Ice cream for dinner! Gramma rocks!!

So that  gets straightened out, i take my 3 Motrin and i go to bed…. only to wake up at 3:30 hearing every bump and noise in the house. I didn’t get back to sleep until about 6, just in time for my mom to get ready for work, and then the kids were up at 7:01.


So i drop the big one off at school and head to my eye appointment. It’s in a brand spankin’ new unmarked building.

Great idea! Make the visually nearly-impaired question whether or not their eyesight is even worse by not bothering with a number or address on your building!

So i go about my appointment and it’s fine. Then she puts drops in my eyes and says she’s dilating my eyes.

Excuse me ?!

That’s something you are usually warned about, and asked permission so you can prepare for.

Nope! Just drop drip and voila, you are blind! Now take your 2 year old out to the waiting room and try to avoid the new walls and counters!

wtf ?!

After i could feel my eyeballs again, i realized it wasn’t quite as bad as it has been in the past. I didn’t need the silly plastic granny glasses when i left.

So as usual, they give me the Rx and expect me to find a pair of glasses while my eyes are dilated.

hello ?? can i give you a Rx for some common sense?!

They must’ve thought I was born blind and dumb yesterday because the first pair of glasses they tried selling me AFTER insruance were $500.

HA! Try again.

So we search again.

I find a relatively nice pair. and a cheaper version of the $500 ones.

Still at $270 after insurance.

At that point, i let the rude older woman that was pushing pushing pushing me and being snotty and rude to my kid sit and spin and said sayonara and left.

I was so offended at the whole experience!

So then i had to rush over to the specialist meeting for my son at his school. I had to explain myself as i sat down why it looked as though i just toked a bowl before showing up. I explained a professional had dilated my eyes.

The day got more strange when i was excited and happy my kid qualified for not 2, but 3 services provided by the school. Usually parents are a little put off that their kids even qualified for services, and here I am pushing and hoping and trying to get him in.

And i did!

So once I can see straight and without blur, i’ll celebrate by closing my eyes and taking a nap. Hopefully the next 24 hours will be more normal and mainstream .. you know, poopy diapers and laundry. Who thought i’d consider that kind of a day successful?!

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