Most people have their own definitions of what would qualify for an extravagance. Today, i had groceries delivered. While Skyping with my husband, when i told him my delivery would be arriving soon, he did a great job not reaching through the camera and throttling me.

I could tell he thought i lost my mind

The same man that will drive 10 miles more to save $3 on a video game being sold down the street. The same man that will buy a game and store A, return it to store B if it saves him $2.

The very same homosapien that will buy and collect and aquire games from all genres and time frames just to have them in a box in the garage.

(last one)

The very same person that insists on buying new $60 + shoes from a SHOE store, and not settle on bargain prices at a shoe warehouse or outlet.


“We’re having groceries delivered now?”

First off, WE aren’t. I, however, am. The one who is home with 2 kids while you frolick and work in Europe for two weeks.

I have heard friends in different areas i’ve lived in talk about farm deliveries, and having dairy products delivered. They often spoke about the price of it, but how once you factor in the freshness and convenience, it was totally worth it.

Plus they’ll deliver in any weather

This became a thought in the back of my mind, but i could never really justify the thought. Afterall, i’m a stay at home mom and it’s part of the job description, right? Just like cleaning and babysitting is my job, right?


Once i found out how many SAHM had maids, that bubble was thankfully burst.

So once I saw the truck pull up out front, i rushed down the stairs to beat the doorbell. My daughter was beginning to wake up, but she was still in the ‘i will quietly and politely play in my bed until my brain reaches a level at which i must scream for you… even if the door is wide open and there are no barriers’

After receiving my bags which were left upon request just inside my door -I could have had him take them all the way up to the kitchen !! – i almost felt silly.

Now i’ve been in a position many many many times in my life where i’ve had to evaluate and re-evaluate something frivolous. This started when i was young, and i was worried my mom was spending money unnecessarily on something i had asked for, and i’d force a check stand purge of some of our groceries. To this day, i still have an urge every time i get to the rotating belt that something must be left behind.

Why this couldn’t have been ingrained into my brain with actual food being left on a plate and not shoved down my gullet, i will never know.

So i very swiftly and proudly dashed any thought of frivolity for my delivered groceries. I’ll tell ya why.

1. I’m gearing up to start Weight Watchers again, and i wanted to test my will power.
it turns out when you shop outside the store from a list, less crap gets shoved in your cart!  if i KNOW i need fruit and not cookies, i actually select fruit!

2. The weather here can sometimes really really suck, and along with a demanding 2 year old, the loading and unloading of the car and hauling in and out between the driveway and kitchen counter hoping whatever distraction tactic that had to be used will last the duration

3. Timing. I have a small window if i’m going to hit the store, and it’s usually right after i drop off my son at school. 99.9% of the time i am dropping him off while still in my PJs and i draw the line at stepping out of the car in PJs. If you are over the age of 4, this should apply to you as well. … and especially if you are 50lbs or more overweight. It’s not cute

4. It hailed today.

5. Convenience is called such for a reason, and in certain cases it is 100% worth a nominal fee.

I hate shopping online for shoes or clothes because i’m really really bad at returns. I want to see it and feel it and make sure it minimizes the girth of this body instead of enhancing curves that are in the wrong places. The shipping charges are usually around $9 for a single item.

I can get ten bags of groceries selected and brought inside my door for about $12.

It was totally worth it, people!

Also, that first delivery is free with the local grocery store. BONUS!
So to sum up, is grocery delivery worth it?

for me; YES and YES and YES!

If i could have done this when my son was at home with me all day, i’m sure the grocery store would have given me a giant discount just so they and all the customers didn’t have to hear his displeasure in shopping, or me not picking the right cereal, or not letting him get a toy, or not allowing the chocolate to be put in the cart , blah blah blah.

I look at the delivery fee as just a small savings for all the other groceries that end up in my cart along the way down my list.

Now i need to go get my daughter some milk … which I didn’t spend any gas money driving to the store to pick up !

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