An Actual Award!?!

I have squeezed one thigh into a beautiful gown to accept this award – my first – and give my speech. I am not guaranteed one ever again, so i’m going to make the most of it.

Thank you so much naptime thoughts for my first bonafide award! I’ve only been blogging for 213 posts, so hopefully I go about this the right way. I have had one form or another of written down thoughts/rants/bitching/complaints/blessings/observations for as long as I could remember. This particular piece of the web has been a delight for me, and such a fantastic outlet for all of my mediocre frustrations and hopes and irritations. I’m humbled I have as many followers as I do (i think i’m up to 2 now!)

The rules for acceptance of this award are as follows:

1. Thank the person who nominated you for your new fancy schmancy award, and be sure to include a link back to their site in your acceptance speech.
2. Share 7 random facts about yourself
3. Pass on the award to 13 other versatile bloggers.

I’m a rule follower, (snort) so here are 7 random facts about myself:

1. Most people don’t realize i’m 5’11 (probably because i’m nearly just as wide)

2. My first underoos were Wonder Woman

3. I have 2 tattoos and looking for one more

4. I can identify very many breeds of dogs thanks to a childhood spent at dog shows and dog races

5. I had a life before my kids and sometimes I fantasize about it… but i’m usually interrupted by a foot-stomping demand or request to undo a lego

6. My hair has been every natural color since 6th grade, and now karma is laughing her ass off because it’s all turning grey

7. Sometimes I use my fingers when helping my son with his second grade math homework.

The rules state that I have to nominate 13 other bloggers for this award, but the sad fact is that I only follow three or four people. I’m a loyal minimalist when it comes to blogs, i guess. I could nominate the hell out of some pinteresters, though!

Here are my few and fabulous nominations:

The Nicki Daniels Interview – she’s already got a small army of followers, but she deserves it – especially the bearded ones!

Fanny P – she reinforces all your skiing fears, but can be honest and open about real life as a mom

Den State – hilarious observations about all things SAHM

Rambling Rowes – I think she’s just getting started, but I love a woman who isn’t afraid to state her POV

Play Dates on Fridays – new to this one, but so far so good!

And that is all i’ve got! I suppose I can always back-nominate as I pick up new authors along the way. .?

And now I will bask in the glow of my first blogging award. I might even print it and display it in front of the fridge art!


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