Break Toll

It’s finally Friday. Last day of my son’s Spring Break. The whole thing has gone rather well, considering. My nerves and eardrums are just completely shot to hell at this point, though.

Momma needs a vodka.

So my son falls and epically crashes two days ago;  Belly Up   and today my daughter follows suit. It wasn’t anywhere near as impressive or epic. It was just a turn, run, trip, fall, hands and knee scrape type fall

Unfortunately our windows were open at the time. She came in and WAILED for twenty minutes. Poor baby. On top of the pain was being extremely tired, so if you have ever met, seen, or been in the vicinity of a non-napped three year old, you know logic was far from present.


It was so bad, as she’s sitting and watching Peppa Pig to calm down, she’s saying “ow ow owwwww” every two minutes or so. I checked for protruding bones at this point, because she’s usually pretty hearty. Nothing was found. There was not even a bloody scrape. Just microscopic scratches.

The inspection started the wails all over again, though. Add to her screams, my sensory-challenged 7 year old who’s stubbornly standing and insisting on being in the same room. He is yelling. He is yelling at her offering help, which is getting returned with screams of “NO! I’m HURT!” and around and around they all go. Around the xanax merry go round.

I’m two hours from the incident now, and I feel like my nerves have finally mostly realigned. … mostly. The piercing girl screams as you pull you’re injured kid close to comfort them do nothing to soothe anyone’s nerves.

So while I sit here with PTSD typing this out while shaking like a crack head after a sober night, i’m pretty convinced that i wont be cooking dinner tonight. Mommy doesn’t need to try to hold a knife when her dangling three remaining nerves are flying in the wind.

I feel as though I’ve gone a round or two with Mike Tyson…. but not Prime Mike. Past-peak Mike is more like it. I’ll try to hold back on the hyperbole. I actually wouldn’t have minded if an ear had been snatched. Might’ve made the whole thing less stressful!


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