My son turned 8 a week ago. We made it! Last year he chose a not-yet-recognized birthday theme – Minecraft – which meant I slaved away at all the favors and activities and decorations. .. with love. Love and curse words.

This year he made the choice of Pokemon. A long outdated and once celebrated theme. I scoured a few stores before finding one that offered a few baubles for the party. I only toiled over a very few goody bag thing. I am resisting the urge to monologue about the ridiculousness that is The Goody Bag. “Here. Let me gift you with a gift for showing up and partaking and leaving a gift. ‘Cause we all need more shit rolling around in our minivans.”

A plethora has been written on the insanity of The Goody Bag.

So we did the whole big party thing. It was his “Golden Birthday” as he turned 8 on the 8th. I wanted to take him to Great Wolf Lodge, but taking a sensory sensitive kid to an indoor water park is sort of like taking a Type 1 diabetic to Dylan’s Candy Store after a three day fast. No one wins. So we settled on a bowling/arcade party where the din was manageable and the kids did not rely on moi to entertain them. 🙂 Win win!

Also, we are facing the end of another school year. A looooooong but great school year. My son has made many strides to improve a range of subjects and issues. He’s reading and writing much much better than ever. Writing paired with whining and body flopping and bouts of amnesia and any and all distraction. But writing! I’m worried for what the new campus and 3rd grade will mean, but i’m also excited not to have to drive him 10 miles to and from school every day. .. selfishly. I can buy a pair of shoes with the extra gas money. .. or a few margaritas.

My husband is traveling more than ever right now. This means lots of quality time with myself, which I don’t mind. I’m not a terrible date, but I’m a lousy conversationalist. It leaves lots of quality time for my children and I. Lots of passionate raised voices over teeth brushing and shoe finding. It leaves lots of bonding time with myself and my mom and kids. This always makes for interesting inner-psychiatrist narration. (love ya, mom!)  But most importantly, it makes for nearly guilt-free Target shopping in his absence.

I’m staring down the barrel of summer break and I have no plan as of yet, aside from the one week of YMCA camp. That week is followed by a Vegas vacation where I may or may not realize my husband will be with me.

Pray for me and i’ll pray for you. Pray we make it to the first day of the next grade !

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