Pins and Pills

We started our son on Adderall today. This is one of those phrases you thought you’d never say as a parent. I was against medication …. until about two hours ago.

Not really. More like up until about two weeks ago.

Giving him his first dose felt a little like pulling a grenade pin, and running for cover to wait for the explosion.

I don’t know why. In theory it’s supposed to do the opposite. It’s supposed to calm the explosion happening in the mind of a kid with ADHD. But when you are talking about an amphetamine and a 9 year old, surely something bad will come of it, right?! It’s a DRUG, for chrissakes.

When the doc told me what she’d be prescribing, I immediately thought Dr. Drew and Celebrity Rehab.

Would he get addicted? Would there be withdrawals?! I don’t know! Will his heart explode? Will he be a male version of Lindsay Lohan?

I’m trying not to stare and study him right now like a guinea pig in a lab. I’ve held off asking, “How are you feeling? How are you feeling now?”

“how ’bout now?”

I have not done it. It’s hard. I rrrrrrreally want to.

Once he actually swallowed the pill he kept walking around saying, “I don’t feel any different, mom.”

Here’s hoping we all get through the next 24hours with our minds intact, and our sanity firmly in place…. wouldn’t that be a hoot?!

(this entry is being cut short by my 4 year old having a tantrum in her room …. momma needs a margarita!)

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