Mother Wishes

Happy Mother’s Day to all the women out there whose hearts know unconditional love. I hope you have a day of peace, kindness, love, and respect. For me this is a day of remembering and shining a light on the mothers who have it much much harder than I. I with my two healthy, mobile, independent, head-strong, smart firecracker children. I am blessed that I get to hug them every night. I am thankful that I wake up to their demands.

Happy mothers day to the women whose bodies created life. Created and guided cells into formation of a vessel that holds a spirit. I’d especially like to recognize the strength and courage of the mothers who tragically did not get to meet those spirits. Who did not get to kiss the rosy cheeks of their babies. I am so sorry that you have to endure what must be heart grinding pain that never stops, but I want to say that I see you as a mother even if your child is not here with you on earth.

For the mothers whose hearts came alive at the promise and loving of a child not born to them. These women work and love and worry and care and fret and play just as hard and much and bountifully as any who gave life with their body. These women have to continue to fight a battle biological mothers can’t understand and I want to tell you that I see you. I see how much you love and earn the title “Mom” the same as any other wearing stretch marks. You are warriors.

For the mothers who watched and loved and guided little babies into children who became teenagers and then adults. For any mother in between who had to say goodbye to her child at any of those stages, I am so very sorry. I see you and know that the love that grew in your heart along with your baby didn’t go anywhere. You still hold that love for your child  because you are still a Mom. If they are no longer with you in body, I pray you feel their spirit this Mother’s Day and know how much that child felt all of your love for them.

For the mothers who work so endlessly and tirelessly to care for your children whose bodies are not whole, whose minds are not typical, whose lives will always be a struggle, I wish you a peaceful Mothers Day. I cannot imagine what it is like to care for a spirit who will never meet the expectations you no doubt had when you found out you were pregnant. For the loss of those expectations, I am sorry. For the constant reminders in the world you doubtlessly face how different your baby is, I am sorry. For the lack of compassion and understanding you have to endure, I apologize. I see you. I see the struggle for a woman you want to be, the “job” of mother is known by no one quite as it is by you. You have so much love and kindness and empathy for your child when you are powerless to stop whatever afflicts them. I hope for you this day means extra help and care for you.

For the women who must watch their babies grow and hit milestones from a distance, I cannot pretend to imagine that struggle. Those fears you must have for them, the love you surely must have for them. Why else would your conviction in doing what you do endure? You have most certainly set a standard of courage and power and strength and for you, I wish you peace this Mother’s Day.

Lastly, for the women I have met since becoming a mother, you are all an inspiration. I learn from you all, I am inspired by values each of you live in front of me. I am thankful I have had so many strong, funny, brilliant, courageous women to show me what motherhood can be and to remind me that we are not alone in this gift.

Happy Mother’s Day, ladies! You are all truly deserving of this day.


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