There comes a time for every mom when she has to make a choice. To allow the nap, or not to allow the nap.

Crazy to even consider this is a question, right?! At some point your kid hits the dreaded age where they’ve outgrown their nap. I’m not talking about introducing a ‘quiet time’ or ‘mommy’s drinking time’, but simply when they’ve stopped sleeping. Then a short time after this, a day will come when your child will show the tell tale signs of an oncoming nap. Then what?!

Every fiber in your being tells you, “YESSSSSSSSSS!”


“Hellz yea !!!”

But don’t let that cloud your judgement or reality. It’s a trap ! It’s soooooo very tempting to let that little sucker sleep, but i’m here to tell you DONT DO IT!

I have tried to relearn this lesson over and over again. With some kids it’s more important than others. This happens to be the case with my 6 year old. Under no circumstances should he be allowed a nap.

But time and again i fall into the doughnut-glazed trap.

The thought of my cranky, moody, grumpy sleepy boy resetting his brain for a little while and giving me, and possibly my daughter, some peace and quiet just proves too tempting sometimes. Take yesterday for example. We had a long fun great day at the zoo. Actually the longest period of time we’ve ever spent at the zoo. The kids were running 80% of the time, and it was a hilly trek. We saw few animals, but every play area! So as i pull in the driveway, i see the toddler-of course- sleeping, but my 6 year old had also blessedly fallen asleep.

First instinct, “WOOHOO!”

Next instinct 2 seconds later, “Shit. Now what?”

After sitting in my driveway for 20 minutes, i decide to just bite the bullet and get them all out.

Once into the house, my son crumples on the sofa and goes back to sleep.

I left him.

2 hours later we had cub scouts. I was CERTAIN he would go to sleep as usual that night simply because of how exhausting the whole stinking day was.


At 10:30 i was banging my head against the wall repeating “Why Why Why Why WHY did you allow that nap ?!!”

Because as per usual mom rules i was damned if i did and damned if i didn’t.

Don’t let the kid sleep and you are subjecting yourself to hours of fits, arguing, talking back, bickering and fighting. … and not getting along with the toddler, to boot.

Let him sleep and i have the longest date ever with the kid that ends somewhere around 11.

Keep in mind that though these little monkeys were able to recharge after a FUN day at the zoo, mommy got nada. Half a cup o’ joe does not equal the recharge of a nap. I was ready to turn in at 9:30!

So here i sit at 9:40 the following morning and i’m already ready for a nap.

Let’s hope something constructive gets done today. … like working my way down the DVR list. That counts, right?! It’s not watching TV if the shows are in list form, it’s WORK

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