Redemption and Steak

After SUCH a crappy day on Sunday ( ) I am happy to report implementing a schedule has paid off! (I realize it’s only Wednesday, but it’s working, and i’m going with it!)

At the grocery store yesterday, I picked up some cube steak which is normally not my favorite. The weather has been really hot the past few days, and I knew this was something that could stand up to the crock pot or dutch oven, depending on what recipe I could find on Pinterest. šŸ™‚

After reviewing a few, I just whipped something up on my own…. this is virgin territory second or third time territory for me, as I am what you would call a late kitchen bloomer. All the cooking shows and pinterest recipes have finally begun to kick start my skills via osmosis.











So here’s my process. I’m not at the level yet to which I can name something a “recipe”.

2 cubed steaks
1 can Golden Mushroom Campbell’s Soup
1 can Beef Brothvariety of seasonings
1/4 onion sliced however you can use it to flavor food and simultaneously get your kids to eat it. (i sliced mine large so I could scoop around them)

I floured & seasoned the steaks. I have no idea why. Most recipes did this but I think it’s mostly if you’re pan searing or frying them. I did it anyway.
Once browned on each side in the Dutch Oven, a.k.a. heavy ass pot and lid, turn down the heat and add the mush. soup with a can of water. Then add the beef broth. Once it started bubbling, I added the onions, covered it and put the heat on the lowest setting for 6 hours.

After cooking it I realized another 2 steaks could have fit in the liquid, as I had a lot leftover. Better leftover juice than dried burnt flabs of meat.

The outcome? My nearly 4 year old asked for THREE helpings of meat! My 8 yr old son who has braces and hates steak sat down and ate his entire serving.

No complaints! No bitching or whining! It was a miracle.

I would add a picture of what it looked like, but if you’ve ever seen smothered steak, it’s not appetizing to look at. And truthfully, it always tastes a bit like I imagine wet dog food tasting like. This did not taste that way, though! I’ll steal an appealing pic and call it a day.



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