Today I took control.

Tomorrow is a different story perhaps, but today was deliberate.

I woke up, him & hawed over whether to do my WW cardio dance DVD & just got up and did it. One step at a time. If I think about missing the coffee, running out of time, not making lunches, not having time to (fill in whatever fits) I will talk myself out of it every time. Instead I just started with getting out of bed and walking downstairs. Then I put in the DVD and just did it.

I felt good. My kid had to buy lunch, but we made it to the orthodontist and everyone got their basics met.

Making lunch today I thought about my neighbor who has said she’s up for walking ‘whenever’. Here’s the text I sent her:

“Hi! I was gonna ask if you wanted to walk today… but then i realized you might say yes and i’d actually have to walk. lol!”

Bless her li’l heart, she offered to walk so we did. My 4 year old whining on her bike and my little mutt on her first walk and all. We did it. Slow, relatively short, but we did it.

I know I do a lot of caveching and moaning on my blog, and this past week has been particularly brutal, but i’m happy to say at least for today I had control over my choices. .. homemade (delicious) BLT and all. 🙂

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